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    The Iron Eyes Cody Powwow is on it's way back. We are now firming up a new location in Palm Springs, California. We have been getting requests from vendors from the past, asking when the Iron Eyes Powwow will be. We will be getting in touch with old and new vendors soon. Vendors have had much success in the past. More media cover will take place. Expected, is a large amount of the public to attend. Television talk shows will be setup by Joel Levy the original creator of the Powwow. Mr. Levy, was a close personal friend of Iron Eyes Cody for over 25 years. The Powwow was created by Mr. Levy and Iron Eyes Cody in 1995. CNN news covered the event that was aired nationally. The public as well is looking forward to see the Powwow again. We needed a new location because of the interest of the vendors was so great that we ran out of space. Also, Mr. Levy has said that Iron Eyes told him:
    "The vendors should not pay a large amount of money for their spot at the Powwow, so they can make money."
    Well, we are going to honor Iron's request. We are hoping that some sponsors will help with some of our costs. Keep in touch with us and click down below to send us your e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, and fax number so we can give you updates. Please let us know what kind of booth you will have. Native American Indian dancers are welcome. We will also be setting up cash money prizes for the dancers of all ages. A lodge will be available for any Native American Indians. Looking forward to seeing all the vendors soon.


     We are still looking for a location. We really want to have this event in Palm Springs Ca. We want to get a place that would be permanent. It does not look like we will be having the event this year like we wanted too But, to give us time we are looking for a date that would be in 2007 around Iron Eyes Cody's birthday which is in April. We also know that other Powwow's are around that date, but we are sure we can fit it in some were during this time. Being we get great support from the media in the area and also out of Los Angeles Ca, we will not have a problem for exposure. We also will be doing television and radio talk shows.
     We would appreciate it very much if you can share this webpage with other interested people in the Iron Eyes Cody Powwow. It has been long over due, thank you for being patient.

Iron Eyes Cody Powwow
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