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Iron Eyes Cody (April 3, 1904 - January 4, 1999)

Iron Eyes Cody Doll
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Iron Eyes Cody Doll


    Advertisers estimate Americans have seen the face of Iron Eyes Cody 14 billion times through television, giving him the most recognizable face in the country. Iron Eyes, a veteran Hollywood performer and technical advisor to producers, is the crying Indian in the Keep America Beautiful commercial. Fame allowed Iron Eyes to help Indian charities, especially schools and reservations working to rid Indians of alcoholism and teach them Indian traditions. Iron Eyes Cody also lectured and appeared at fundraisers. His tearful gaze at a polluted river and other scenes won him three Cleo Awards, which are the advertising Oscars. Iron Eyes performed in over 200 movies. Iron Eyes Cody started at the age of 12 with producer C. B. DeMile, and worked for and was a friend of the late Walt Disney. As a teen, Iron Eyes taught Indian sign language, bow and arrow work, dancing and other Indian arts to actors.

    Iron Eyes was born April 3, 1904 at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, and passed away January 4, 1999. He was from the Cree-Cherokee Tribes. His name is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. The Iron Eyes Cody Foundation supports scholarships for Indian education for Indian students. Iron Eyes Cody has had audiences with every U.S. President since Roosevelt, also Pope John Paul II in Rome. Iron Eyes was in more Rose Parades than any other actor.

Iron Eyes Cody with Pope John Paul II

Iron Eyes Cody Quote:

"Nearly all my life, it has been my policy to help those less fortunate than myself. My foremost endeavors have been with the help of the Great Spirit to dignify my People's image through humility and love of my country. It is my sincerest wish to reach the hearts of the people of the world by my Keep America Beautiful film of 'The Crying Indian' so they will be more aware of the dangers of pollution facing the world today. If I have done that, then I have done all I need to do!"


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